Representatives from industry, faculty from other higher education institutions and alumni, all play an important role in the governing bodies of ISAE-SUPAERO.

The different governing bodies of the Institution are :

  • The Board of Directors which defines the Institution’s general policy, comprised of Government representatives, external professionals, Alumni association members, staff and current students.
  • Management including a Dean/Director General, an Assistant Dean, two Heads of Training, the Director of Research and Pedagogical Resources, the Director of Corporate Relations and Sponsorship, the Head of International Relations, Masters and Advanced Masters Programs, the General Secretary,
  • Educational Board, including professionals from outside the School, faculty, students, doctoral students and management representatives.
  • Two pedagogical boards,
  • A research board, comprised of respected researchers and academics from outside the School, representatives of the ISAE SUPAERO research community, doctoral students and Research Master’s students, members of ISAE SUPAERO management, members of technical and administrative staff, and non-military students. 
  • A technical committee,
  • A committee of hygiene and security.